User guide

Library Hours

Shimada Library

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday … From 9:30 am to 8:00 pm
  • Saturday, Sunday, /Holidays … From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Kanaya Library

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday, /Holidays … From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
  • Thursday, Friday … From 9:30 am to 7:00 pm

Kawane Library

  • From 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
    * Please note that the times at the regional libraries are different.

Closed days

  • Every Monday (however, if Monday falls on a holiday, the next day)
  • 4th Wednesday of every month
  • Special book arrangement period (Spring / Autumn twice a year, about 1 week each)
  • Year-end and New Year (December 29th-January 4th)
    * Please note that the regional libraries are closed on different days.

Borrowing materials

Bring the materials you want to borrow and the library card to the counter. You can borrow materials for two weeks.

Number that can be borrowed:

  • Books (including magazines, picture-story shows, music scores) … 10 books
  • Audiovisual materials (CD / DVD) … 3 copies
    * You can borrow up to 13 books and audiovisual materials.

Returning materials

Please return the borrowed materials to the counter. If the library is closed, please return it to “Bookpost”.

* Please do not put audiovisual materials in the “Bookpost”.
* Do not put materials in the “Bookpost” that the staff has instructed to return to the counter.

Extending the borrowing period of materials

If you want to continue to borrow materials, you can apply for an extension on the “Usage Information” screen on this website, at the OPAC in the building, by telephone or at the counter. It can be extended only once and the return date is 2 weeks from the date of application. However, the following materials cannot be extended.

  1. Materials with reservations
  2. Materials that have already been extended
  3. Materials that have expired

* Materials ordered from libraries outside Shimada City cannot be extended by telephone, at the OPAC or on the website. Please apply at the library counter where you borrowed the materials.

Requesting materials

If we do not have the book you want to read, please make a request using the “Reservation / Request Form”. If the Shimada Library, Kanaya Library, or Kawane Library does not have the book, it will be borrowed from another library or purchased.

* Please note that some materials cannot be purchased.
* Requests for magazines and audiovisual materials are not accepted.
* The requested materials can only be received by the library that submitted the reservation / request form and the receiving location cannot be changed.

Making a reservation

If the material you are looking for is already borrowed, you can make a reservation at the library counter, the OPAC in the library, or the library website.

As soon as materials are returned, you will be contacted from the library where you wish to receive them.

You can reserve materials in Shimada, Kanaya, and Kawane libraries and order them at other libraries and regional buildings in the city.

* Reservations are required in advance when borrowing materials in the annex.

* A password must be registered in advance in order to make reservations from the OPAC and library websites, check the loan status and check the reservation status.

You can also receive a reservation notification by e-mail to a PC or mobile phone. If you wish, please register your e-mail address.

Handling of audiovisual materials

Do not leave it in the device for a long time.

Do not leave the product for a long time in a place where it is hot and humid or exposed to direct sunlight.

Please cooperate in rewinding the videotape.

*The library will not be held responsible for malfunctions in playback equipment caused by the use of audiovisual materials.

Borrowing DAISY books

A DAISY book is one of the digital book standards developed for people who have difficulty in reading printed materials due to visual impairment, etc., and is a digital book that displays text and images along with sound.

Multimedia DAISY books held in the library can be viewed without playback software when a disc is inserted into a computer. It contains picture books, stories, natural scenery, etc. that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Persons who can borrow DAISY books:

People with a handicapped person’s notebook or those who have difficulty reading normal books such as the elderly. However, anyone can borrow Waiwai Bunko Ver.BLUE.

Please be aware of the following points when using DAISY books:

  • Playback on a CD / DVD deck is not possible.
  • It cannot be viewed in the library.
  • It is handled as a book / magazine, not an audiovisual.
  • When returning, please bring it directly to the counter.
  • To prevent damage, do not return it to the book post.